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Guard Tour System WM-5000V8

Guard Tour System WM-5000V8

Update Terakhir 27 / 03 / 2024
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Detail Guard Tour System WM-5000V8

Guard Tour System WM-5000V8
Guard Tour System adalah alat untuk mengontrol dan memonitor petugas keamanan agar melakukan patroli/pemeriksaan ke setiap titip/area pada bangunan/lokasi. Sistem ini dapat juga digunakan untuk memastikan petugas keamanan berada pada suatu waktu tertentu di suatu lokasi.

Strong Body
Three layers Protection. No screw on the surface, let Vanguard 8 more sturdy.

Distinctive Design
Innovative gilded contact USB design, make the reader get to IP67.

All for customers
Superior suppliers provide us the most reliable quality. We only provide you the less service to keep your maximal profit.

More surprise
One intelligent Reader which can show Time, Temperature and Compass.

Lighten the night
One reader that can shine 20m to 30m let you throw the flashlight away.

Personal Tailor
We can make the Boot interface as your choice.

The intelligent download Station
You can input the checkpoint information to the software by the download station itself. That makes your installation highly active.

One Charge for 20 days using
Vanguard 8 chooses high-capacity battery and low power consumption design. That guarantees the super endurance.

Wider Market
125Khz and 2.4G Reading mode, let your application more extensive.

Easy Operation
Only five steps, makes your installation easily.

Efficient Management
The software provide every report you want. That makes your management more efficient.

System Components
1. Reader
2. Tags : Orange checkpoint Tag, Cylinder Glass Tag, Round Black Tag, Guard ID tag
3. Event wallet
4. Download station
5. Charger
6. Software
7. Holster

Military component
MILITARY component
Silicon tank, metal body with silicon shell outside, IP67 standard
Flashlight and compass equipped
Highlight LED display for time, temperature and compass
Long range 2.4G tag and125Khz tag reading
2.4G wireless communication for data transfer
Sabotage absorbent, resistant to electrical shock
Power off protection
Brilliant exterior design, easy operation
Real time internal clock

Can be used in any severe environment working life more than 20 years working frequency 125Khz

Event Wallet
Event wallet are designed to hold the signal cards( RFID tags) that has been pre-identified the number of the cards by the reader first, and then name those cards by different events which usually happens during the patrol at certain checkpoints(for example, like door open, power off, ect.) by the software.

Desk Version, Client Server version, Browser Server version. Multi-language, complete patrol setup, humanized patrol schedule, perfect patrol report with various statistical analysis.

Dimension : 148mm x 42mm x 34mm. Weight : 243g
Color : Grey, blue
IP Rate IP67
Operating Temperature : -40℃~+85℃
Reading Mode : RFID 125 KHz; Reading distance : 3cm - 5cm
Communication : Download station ( 2.4G wireless data transfer)
Battery : rated voltage : 3.7V, rated capacity : 1150 Amh, charging time: about 2.5 hours
Standby time
1、if 500 readings per day with 2.5 hours flashlight on, device can be used for 26 days.
2、if 500 readings per day, can be used for 26 days.
Data Storage : 16Mbit flash, 60,000 pieces
Prompt Vibration with LED screen prompt.
Tag ID number 10 bit hexadecimal in reader (5 byte ).
Guard ID tag
Round checkpoint tag
Cylinder Glass Tag
Noctilucent checkpoint
Orange Checkpoint
2.4G long range tag
Event wallet

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